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Can you help us sponsor a grove in Nisene Marks to protect Coco’s memory — and our treasured redwoods? 

We are proud to partner with:

  • Save the Redwoods
  • Friends of the Santa Cruz State Parks
  • Leo’s Haven
  • Save Our Shores
  • Terracycle

During her lifetime, Coco enjoyed playing at our local forests and beaches. Now we sponsor several projects to make sure that all local kids can do the same. One of our first projects: Working with Save the Redwoods to sponsor a grove at the Forest of Nisene Marks, a place that was literally Coco’s backyard for several years. She hiked and climbed trees there, swam in a place she called “Mermaid’s Cove” and even released native frogs that she raised from tiny tadpoles. Learn more about this special project.

Beach Cleanups

Participating in beach cleanups was something that Coco and her family did regularly. Now, our foundation works with Save Our Shores, hosting three beach cleanups at Seacliff State Beach each year. In 2018, we collected more than 90 pounds of trash and recycling from our beaches.

Collection Programs

Through Terracycle, we recycle both pens and markers, as well as dental hygenin products, In 2018, we shipped Terracycle more than 50 pounds of pens and markers, and collected 321 disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and dental floss containers for recycling. Looking for local drop-off? You can recycle pens and markers at the Art Factory in Aptos, and your used toothbrushes at The Zero Shop in Captola Village.

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