Live Like Coco

Book lover. Cat petter.
Environmentalist. Remember Coco.
Do good things and think of her.

What does it mean to Live Like Coco?

Coco Lazenby was a kid with a big heart.

The Live Like Coco Foundation celebrates her spirit–and continues her work.

During her life, Coco worked in community gardens, participated in beach cleanups, collected jeans for homeless teens, and raised money to support a number of worthy causes.

Now, the Live Like Coco Foundation provides thousands of Santa Cruz county kids with free books as well as scholarships to extra-curricular activities.

We also protect our county’s amazing natural spaces so kids can play and explore together.

All kids should be able to grow up healthy, with the opportunity to pursue their dreams. This is something Coco believed. And now, the Live Like Coco Foundation is dedicated to the pursuit of the same goal.

Tax ID Number: 81-1667219

Living with Coco

Coco described her life as “hectic and happy.” Everyone should be so lucky.

Coco embraced life with a spirit of excitement, curiosity, and caring. Fortunately, she was surrounded by family and friends who had the resources necessary to feed her open heart and mind. Now, it is our job to share her enthusiasm with other kids—and to connect them with great experiences.

Live Like Coco is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation

Tax ID Number: 81-1667219